Why hate dolphins???
With all the things to hate in the world (Jesus, The Rain Forest, Puppies, ect.) Why choose dolphins? Because they fucking suck and so do you for liking them! Dolphins suck harder in one day then your hooker mom does all year. I get so mad every time I see a dolphin on TV or in a movie that I beat my girlfriend. When Flipper was on the air I almost killed her. So please for her sake, stop putting them on TV and start killing them.

Why not goats? I once saw a goat save a puppy from drowning, a baby from a fire, and helped Gondi save ten missionaries from crazed terrorist assassins...Honest! Goats are so totally awesome, they rock the taco. They aren't on the endangered species list like dolphins. Dolphins suck at life!

Dolphins are a representation of everything that's wrong with people today. Everyone has a blow hole that they keep spitting shit out of all day long and at the end of the day, none of it matters. Because you're ugly, stupid, and make me really mad because you are so gay that you could make a rainbow look kind of strait.


However if you are one of the individuals that also hates dolphins and would like to see them all put on sticks and eaten like the chicken of the sea that they are, then welcome. I hope you enjoy the site and be sure to drop us an e-mail about how much dolphins suck and how much you want to kill them.